Monday, 28 November 2016


Name: The Place (also known as The Place @ Cyberjaya)
Address: Persiaran Apec, Cyberjaya, Selangor

Walking distance & just beside Limkokwing University, 
Modern-looking architecture designed,
24-hour security
Swimming pool
Pool deck
Garden terrace

Duplex soho unit type.
With built up of 549 sf of size.
Complete with bed, sofa, kitchen cabinets, freezer etc.
Semi Furniture unit.
Suitable for student's exclusive stay.
Bed for 2 people.
2 units a/cond at living hall & bedroom

No car park but the basement car park can opt for season pass @ less than RM100 per mth rental.

Any singles @ married couple allowed.
Even for Students Local @ Expart with good behaviour can be negotiate for stay.

Rental asked at RM 1,400 (negotiable)
Term deposit at 2 + 1 + 50% for utility fee.
Tenancy agreement made at RM 200 (for 2 years of stay)

Arrangement for viewing can be arranged.
En Putra REN 00201
IEC Properties
010-3056823 (call / whatsapp)
012-2615337 (call / telegram)

Thank you. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


A new well planned apartments made for exclusive stay within the upcoming of Bandaraya Cyberjaya by year 2018 is available for all Malaysian to participate ownership now.

Developed by one of the well known Government backup Company among other 27 Strong Developers in Cyberjaya Township. Named as Aspire Residence, Block 18 of Cyberjaya 10.

Nearby to Lembaga Hasil, Hewlee Package, Police Station, KRU Office etc.
Not far to PLUS Highway interchange to Puchong, Shah Alam, Kajang etc.
Near to MEX Highway to KLCC, Ampang, Gombak etc.

Expected completed by year 2019 with CFO and Strata Title ~ make it easier for buyers to Sell in the future for the next keen new buyer.

Promising good profit margin in the future Sub Sale and also promising high Tenancy demand since Cyberjaya is having a population of International Exparts and Students for long term stay here.

Infact this project may also helps the daily long distance working people of Cyberjaya and Putrajaya to set foot at a nearer distance rather than having an expensive fuel compsumption and tolls achieving more than RM 30 (at minimum) spend on daily transportation from Kuala Lumpur, Kajang, Puchong, Cheras etc..

What have this project have over here for you...
# A luxorious size of apartment with a minimum built up of 900 sf in size rather than most soho or service apartments here.
# Built with 3 rooms makes it like a home for any family stay or any sharing individual tenants rather than a soho apartments.
# With a special made ready items fitted and fixture shall relieve most of the existing buyer saves lots of future purchased on furnitures and fixtures (which we may know the price difference may differ a lot by 3 to 4 years time).
# Purchase with an easy entry to all Malaysians (Bumi / Non Bumi) shall give more young and first time house owners much relief as only a small portion of deposit shall be needed to apply these apartment rather than buying Sub Sale Properties which may need high available deposit which not all young and newly working personals can afford such deposits (such as taking out 10% deposit, covering SPA legal fees, covering Loan Agreement Lawyer or even Transfer fee, MRTA Insurance etc..)
# What more if the buyer just having an income with a slight monthly salary of RM 5,000 per month..

Now see what we can offer our buyer here...
A) What shall you have upon buying the unit here?
    * A partly furnished unit made ready with
     1. A full set of branded kitchen cabinets with hood and hob worth more than RM 15,+++ (made ready)
     2. Installation of 16 plug points and lightings all the house (made ready)
     3. Fixture of 5 units of ceiling fans all rooms and hall (made ready)
     4. Each bathroom fitted with a branded water heater (made ready)
     5. An airconding fitted in the master bedroom (made ready)
     6. Front door already fitted with grills (made ready)

    * All purchaser shall also gain
     1. A special rebate of 10% on every unit purchased (that means no 10% downpayment)
     2. Bumi purchaser gets another rebate of 7% (that means 17% discounts from selling price)
     3. All Sales and Purchased Legal fees waived (supported by Developer)
     4. Strata Title assists by developer before Handling keys (during after CFO)
     5. Full loan can be arranged for all Government Loans and Non Government Buyers
     6. Cash back to all buyers who achieve 100% loan approval (Government / Banks)
     7. Guaranteed more than 20% to 30% value increased after completion (for investor to look upon)
     8. High rental yield and demand as to the increased population by Exparts and Students here by 2019.

B) All units are given as follows:-
    * Free 12 months of Maintainence Fees after Handling Keys
    * Each unit is awarded with 2 car parks (within the podium or around the apartment)
    * Residence club house usage with swimming pool, gym, playground etc.

C) Safety Features are as:-
    * 24 hours guarded gated with smart card entry at the guard house, entry to the car park podium and to the apartment lift area
    * High wired fencing which may not allow un expected thefts to enter the area surrounding all the apartments area
    * Fixture of Cctv to most out door and indoor area within..

So.. after reading these... Do you feel like owning a unit here? Our booking procedure are simple here...
To start you must come with a booking fee at minimum of RM 3,000 (be it Government / Bank Loan)
Make sure you are entitle with the unit pricings (before rebates / after rebates)
Make sure that you have no Citos / Ccris in order to apply a unit here..
For any loan rejection / not approved the Developer only take 10% out of the booking fee and refund back the balance 90% to all unsuccessful buyer as service fee (buyer still not loosing money)...

Based on the Block 1 sales and bookings, our 25 stories of unit now left only top floors above than level 18 for any bookings or reservation.

Earlier price started from RM 418,500 (before rebate) and the most at RM 452,820 (before rebate)
So..afrter rebate (especially to bumi, lowest starts from RM347,355 and the highest at RM 375,840)

Make a showroom visit and prepare for a unit by
Calling / Whatsapp me at 010-3056823
Calling / Telegram me at 012-2615337
En Putra REN 00201
IEC Properties E(3)1240

Thank you.

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